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Social Media Ads

Social Media advertising is not only a great way to boost your sales


Social Media platforms have all but taken over the internet in the last decade. As of December 2019, there are 3.725 billion active social media users globally, of which the average user spends 142 minutes a day on these platforms.

Social Media Ads

With Social Media advertising, you can have consistent sales coming in from the first day your website goes live. Social Media advertising is not only a great way to boost your sales, but also undoubtedly the best conventional way to increase your brand awareness. Not to advertise on Social Media would be a big missed opportunity for any business.  Why let your competition get ahead of you?

Advertising on the world’s largest social network, Facebook, is imperative when it comes to connecting with your audience. The reach is wide and it constantly expands, so Businesses have the opportunity to catch the eye of over 2 billion people, every month. Facebook’s micro-targeting features allows us to reach your exact target audience, those who are most likely to convert and keep converting.

Instagram is one of the most photo-centric platforms and IG users have a very high likelihood of converting relative to other social media platforms. Instagram is integrated with Facebook Ad Manager, so brands can benefit from the zillions of users plus their information, in order to advertise directly to their target audience. Instagram is a medium based on the visual connection with its audience and this makes IG the ideal advertising platform for businesses with aesthetic products.

Unsurprisingly, Linkedin is the strongest social media platform for B2B advertising. It is the proper platform to showcase relevant industry-related content. LinkedIn aims at a specific audience that is hard to reach otherwise. It offers your business a way to put your message in front of key decision makers with low cost per click and effective targeting.

Benefits of Our Social Media Ad Services


We run optimized and effective ads on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn — whatever will best serve your business now. Take advantage of our expertise to stay ahead of the latest updates, tools and features as they happen.


What’s challenging with social media marketing is that it will consume every penny you put into it! There’s always more to do, more ways to reach and connect, more leads to convert. We ensure that you set your tailored social media marketing goals with precision, so none of your budget is wasted by not reaching your desirable heights of brand awareness, conversions, traffic or whatever else.


“Target audience” as a term has a more narrow meaning than “target market”. A target audience is a group that has significant potential to respond positively to a brand message. With this prospect we focus on targeting your ideal customers based on location, interest, demographic, and behavior - and we’re wizards when it comes to effective remarketing. 


Mesmerizing images and videos are key to creating ad campaigns that will attract your buyers. The overall visual theme and mood of your Ads on any digital platform with a visual component, have to serve an aesthetic loyal to your Brand’s Strategy and guidelines. Additionally, it has to be something edgy, that stands out. Our creative team will ensure your Brand catches the eye.


Our expertise allows us to launch the type of ad campaigns your business needs. Leave it to us so you can focus on what you do best.


Our monthly reporting aims to provide you with a clear view of how your social media ad campaigns are progressing and how your prospective customers engage with them.
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