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Shopping Ads

Shopping ads drive us directly to products.
Shopping Ads


Google Shopping ads now drive 76.4% of retail search ad spend, generating 85.3% of all clicks on Google Ads or Google Shopping campaign ads.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads service page

Shopping ads are a very useful feature of Google's advertising platform. It is crucial to offer your potential buyer a customer experience as complete as possible. Shopping ads allow the display of images alongside Google’s standard search results. These ads appear in the form of a product listing, with a look and feel similar to what you would find in any online marketplace such as amazon.

Leads that are more qualified!

While someone is in the process of searching, shopping ads may pop up above the search. The potential buyer is able to see pictures of the product along with its price, giving the him the chance to identify the product that fits his needs and so increase the possibilities to continue with a purchase from your website.

Even more appearances!

Reach every single searcher with multiple ads, increasing your chance of conversion. Take advantage of the multiplication effect we can give your shopping ads and go beyond that single one standard search ad you usually had, up to now. Broaden your presence with a barrage of your ads and follow a more persistent tactic in your product promotion.

Golden Data!

Don’t miss the chance to use all this powerful information we can extract from people’s online actions today. Shopping ads drive us directly to products. Therefore, it is easy to sort data by categories such as brands, types and even conversion rates directly, thus providing valuable and actionable information to further optimize your campaigns.
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