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Marketing and Media Planning

We build a tailor made marketing & media plan
Marketing and Media Planning

Together we build a tailor made Marketing and Media Plan based on your Brand’s strategy for the upcoming years that are in align with

Marketing and Media Planning

Performance Marketing methods such as:

  • Digital media mix & Budget Allocation
  • Leverage Machine Learning και Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Set up efficient tracking via Google Analytics and Tag Manager
  • Define measurable KPIs and targeting

Combining the aforementioned tools

We deliver the originally desired target always targeting Brand awareness enhancement, sales maximization and a sustainable Brand growth!

Market & Persona research - No more being generic!

Our goal is to launch a Brand with precision, based on a single proposition. But you can’t get to the point, if you haven’t unlocked your market’s exact specifications in addition to your customer’s unique profile. Dig into their background, challenges and objectives to make your final product relevant and appealing. Know your friends well and your competition better. Information is power for business; in other words, efficiency, results. Going through our Market and Persona Evaluation process we revise your business strategy making your product or service stand out from the crowd.

New funnel mapping - No more moving in uncharted territory!

Plan your strategy and lead your Brand towards results, using data. We create from scratch a canvas to visualize all of those streams that feed your funnels .They portray in detail your consumer’s journey in the most comprehensible manner. This new mapping contributes in catching the correct timing and flow of the multiple traffic channels, in order to optimize each one of your funnels, and forecast the potential results to help you make the correct, data-driven decisions for your business.

KPI Simulation Stagnation - No more staying still due to wrong conclusion!

Sometimes your Key Performance Indicator is neither getting better over time, nor getting worse. This is a sure sign that you have to potentially revise your optimization goals in a more realistic manner. This is being done by using the new funnel flow paired with various scales, for example the potential KPI numbers, the possible conversion levels, the cost per action or audience size per channel.

Traffic & targeting strategy - No more one way game plans / scenarios / routes / directions!

Our approach on your Brand is always holistic. So when going online today, things are way more complicated than they used to. From driving significant traffic to your site, to maximizing your conversion rate and achieve customer loyalty, you need a precise Strategy on many levels. We analyze and plan in detail, taking into consideration the opportunities and the potential behind every channel, on every possible level to create a flexible and insightful Strategy that applies successfully on various possible platform combination.

Content outline - No more boring words!

Make the most of now, using the latest trends and create an original story to engage your potential customer with your marketing content. Our specialists know how to transform a random viewer, to a customer combining marketing psychology with SEO to enhance your online traffic and finally drive them into action. A fresh customized content and a strong key message will finally unlock the way forward to keep your Customer Acquisition Cost low.

Marketing automation stack - No more just one weapon to fight!

We are aware of how hard you are fighting to achieve acquisition without spending the majority of your budget. Our experts are here to interpret your consumer’s journey and create new paths using a plethora of automation tools that facilitate acquisition. From leading generation and nurturing, to achieving sales maximization and churn mitigation campaigns, there is nothing to remain unaddressed.

Website strategy - No more lucky guesses!

This is the face of your Brand, your ambassador. Your website keeps working when you don’t, so not only it has to be functional but effective too. Let us design your sitemap, create a key element outline for your pages and plan URL structure to maximize SEO. Your website strategy must be precise and clear to suggest how your visitor’s browsing will end up into entering your funnel.
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