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Email Marketing

Personalized emails offer much higher engagement.
Email Marketing


Email Marketing is literally paying back! It has one of the highest ROIs in digital marketing. For every $1 a large firm spends on email marketing, they receive an average return of $42 (according to UK’s Data & Marketing Association, 2019).

Email Marketing

Email Chains

We use email chains specialized to regain customers’ interest. We can’t afford to lose a single customer, that’s why we want to stay connected, keep in touch with them. Not only those who have made purchases, but those who almost did, although they finally abandoned their carts or just made any other action on our site. Email chains are ideal for boosting customers’ engagement and loyalty.

Personalization & Customization

Personalized emails offer much higher engagement. The open-rate for personalized emails is almost 50% higher than generic emails (source: Statistica). So, it is crucial to know your audience and design the emails based specifically on their needs and preferences.


Our experienced team will design newsletters that will effectively convey your company's message and incite the interest of your audience, building a relationship with customers that will last in time and multiply your Brand’s awarence.
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