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Business Audit & Marketing Review

Comprehend & Define - Plan - Do - Adjust
Business Audit & Marketing Review

In cooperation with Data Scientists and Marketing Consultants we proceed to an in-depth analysis of your business evaluating major factors of your digital profile such as CRM Data, Google Analytics and your Social Footprint.

Business Audit & Marketing Review

Comprehend & Define – Plan – Do - Adjust

We Comprehend & Define your business’s unique identity, creating a strong context for your business: who you are, what the market’s environment is and where you want to go.Next we Plan your marketing strategy and only then, it is time for action! First we Do and afterwards we measure the results and Adjust our actions accordingly.

In order to do that we use tools such as:

  • In-depth interviews
  • Desk research
  • Workshops with company stakeholders
  • Analysis of company’s available data
  • Primary research (focus groups, in depth interviews, mystery customer, survey)

Next Steps

A. Situation analysis

  • Industry & Market
  • Company’s mission, values & objectives
  • Product Portfolio
  • Customers (existing & desired segments / personas)
  • Skills & Resources
  • Competitors
  • Value Proposition & Positioning (desired & actual)
  • Current Pricing & Distribution
  • Sales
  • Profitability
  • Current Communications & Customer Acquisition Methods
  • Visual Identity (Logo, Typography, Colors, Imagery, Additional Elements)
  • Brand Messaging (Brand Personality, Tone & Voice, Tagline, Messaging Pillars)
  • Content
  • Communication tools & campaigns
  • Sales process & Customer retention methods

B. Action Plan Development

C. Action Plan Implementation – Tracking – Adjustments

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