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A unique service that combines the effect of a premium advertising agency, and a 360 agency, at the same time!

Being a Performance Based Advertising Agency we have a holistic approach for the online marketing strategy development with a clear focus on a positive ROI, to ensure that you achieve:

- Measurable growth of brand, product or service awareness

- Countable sales results

We are your marketing partner!
It is like having the advantage of an external integrated marketing department working for your company.
Our Purpose is to give SMEs the chance to advertise as big brands
by combining brand awareness & increase of sales!

One budget should fit all your business’s advertising needs, using as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), the Return Of Investment (ROI), in order to increase the sales and awareness of your Brand, Product or Service.

We are your marketing partner!

It is like having the advantage of an external integrated marketing department working for your company.


SMEs will enjoy the advantage of cooperating with an external company specialized in marketing services.

Four C-Level Professionals work together for your Brand!

Our methodology is underpinned by high-end customer support. For this purpose, an exclusive qualified team of experts such as Data Analyst, Performance Marketer, Brand Strategist and Creative Team takes charge to ensure the smooth coordination and delivery of the agreed plan in a timely manner, through real time reporting, instant communication via Project Management Tools and monthly / weekly catch ups.

4 C Level Professionals work together for your Brand!

Brand Strategist
Creative Director
Performance Marketer
Data Analyst
Our innovative service, Wizard’s Scale Up, is based on the following methodology:

We develop a custom made strategy project within 6 weeks.

We capitalize the data and brain power of our most experienced Wizard members to dig deep into your business, market, product or service – and create a detailed launch strategy.

Our innovative service, Wizard’s Scale Up, is based on the following methodology:
Business Audit - Marketing Review & Strategy

Our team is composed of multidisciplinary people with strong entrepreneurial spirit, driven by results. In cooperation with Data

Scientists and Marketing Consultants, we proceed with an in-depth analysis of your business, evaluating all major factors of your digital profile such as CRM Data, Google Analytics and your Social Footprint.

Furthermore, we work on a Situation Analysis of the brand and the existing Marketing Plan based on the following strategic pillars:

Comprehend & Define – Plan – Do - Adjust

We Comprehend & Define your business’s unique identity, creating a strong context for your Brand: identifying who you are, your market’s environment and where you want to go. That is the targeted destination.

Then we Plan your marketing Strategy and right after, we move forward with action!
Marketing & Media Planning

We build your competitive advantage towards competition & develop a tailor made Marketing & Media Plan based on your Brand’s strategy for the upcoming years that align with Performance Marketing methods such as:

  • Digital media mix & Budget Allocation
  • Leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Set up efficient tracking via Google Analytics & Tag Manager
  • Define measurable KPIs and targeting

Combining the aforementioned tools, we deliver the originally desired target, always aiming for Brand awareness enhancement, sales maximization and a sustainable Brand growth!

Market & Persona research - No more being generic!
Our goal is to launch a Brand with precision, based on a single proposition. But you can’t get to the point if you haven’t unlocked your market’s exact specifications in addition to your customer’s unique profile. Dig into their background, challenges and objectives to make your final product relevant and appealing. Know your friends well and your competition better. Information is power for business; in other words, efficiency and results. Going through our Market and Persona Evaluation process, we revise your business strategy, making your product or service stand out from the crowd.
New funnel mapping - No more moving in uncharted territory!
Plan your strategy and lead your Brand towards results, using data. We create, from scratch, a canvas to visualize all of those streams that feed your funnels. They portray in detail your consumer’s journey in the most comprehensible manner. This new mapping contributes in catching the correct timing and flow of multiple traffic channels, in order to optimize each one of your funnels, and forecast the potential results to help you make the correct, data-driven decisions for your business
KPI Simulation Stagnation - No more staying still due to wrong conclusions!
Sometimes your Key Performance Indicator is neither getting better over time, nor getting worse. This is a sure sign that you have to potentially revise your optimization goals in a more realistic manner. This is being done by using the new funnel flow paired with various scales, for example the potential KPI numbers, the possible conversion levels, the cost per action or audience size per channel.
Traffic & targeting strategy - No more one way game plans / scenarios / routes / directions!
Our approach to your Brand is always holistic. When going online today, things are way more complicated than they used to be. From driving significant traffic to your site, to maximizing your conversion rate and achieving customer loyalty, you need a precise Strategy on many levels. We analyze and plan in detail, taking into consideration the opportunities and the potential behind every channel, on every possible level, to create a flexible and insightful Strategy that applies successfully on various possible platform combinations.
Content outline - No more boring words!
Make the most out of now, using the latest trends and creating an original story to engage your potential customer with your marketing content. Our specialists know how to transform a random viewer into a customer combining marketing psychology with SEO to enhance your online traffic and finally drive them into action. Fresh customized content and a strong key message will finally unlock the way forward to keep your Customer Acquisition Cost low. Our specialists look into each channel and provide a detailed plan on the platform combination necessary for growth and the targeting models that maximize your content outline.
Marketing automation stack- No more using just one weapon to fight!
We are aware of how hard you are fighting to achieve acquisition without spending the majority of your budget. Our experts are here to interpret your consumer’s journey and create new paths using a plethora of automation tools that facilitate acquisition. From leading generation and nurturing, to achieving sales maximization and churn mitigation campaigns, there is nothing that we leave unaddressed.
Website strategy- No more lucky guesses!
This is the face of your Brand, your ambassador. Your website keeps working when you don’t, so not only must it be functional but effective too. Let us design your sitemap, create a key element outline for your pages and plan URL structure to maximize SEO. Your website strategy must be precise and clear to suggest how your visitor’s browsing will end up into entering your funnel.
Full Stack Execution > Assets Production

Trust us - we will take care of everything.


We have the tools, the resources and the expertise to support an end-to-end production process.

A wide network of experienced specialists create all the digital assets needed for your Brand to perform efficiently at every step on your way to winning customer acquisition.

Creative Concept, Design & Video

Our team of internationally awarded Creatives can develop your Brand’s distinctive concept.

The Big Idea is based on the defined Communication Strategy and Marketing Plan. Once the creative materials are developed, they are available and ready to use by our specialized team of Performance Marketers.


TV Spot/ Main advertising Video (duration 20’’-40’’)
Short TV Spot-supplementary of the main video (duration 10’’-15’’)
Visual Βanners (static & animated)
Copywriting for Ads
Social media Content (post, stories)
Radio Spot

Project management
Our mindset revolves around multitasking. We acknowledge the value of tight schedules and deadlines, this is why we always aim to deliver results, coordinating and synchronizing various projects and specialists simultaneously. Our forces are efficiently organized and have extensive digital resources that could be used for the enhancement of the project's execution without incurring any extra budget costs.

Task management
Document management
Team management
Marketing automation
Being a performance-based marketing agency, we host a high-skilled digital marketing team experienced in operating multiple marketing automation platforms and tools at the same time. Whether working on an already known platform or exploring new marketing tech, we are always fascinated by the challenge presented by every single new project.

Active Campaign
Social media
Our content specialists are in charge of planning the most effective distribution of your Brand’s content on social media. Additionally, they work on your social network development to help you sustaining low customer acquisition costs and enrich the spectrum of your medium palette with missing channels such us:

Medium or Quora
Paid advertising
Our agency is composed of skilled media buyers whose research abilities are critical to drive your campaign’s promotion to success. They negotiate on your behalf to acquire cost-efficient and budget-conscious advertising space. Paid advertising is a field that requires skills such as analytical thinking, deep insight, trend understanding and continuous monitoring. These skills provide a competitive edge not only when catching your target, but also when testing it and evaluating & revising your strategy according to constant market and trend mobility.

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Youtube Ads
Pinterest Ads
Linkedin Ads
Twitter Ads
Performance Marketing & Optimization
We are continuously aiming for higher conversions and lower advertising costs. Our digital marketers are always looking out for all those details that can give an extra boost to your Brand, making improvements at every stage of the funnel.

We are continually aiming for higher conversions and lower advertising costs, thus double checking the market drawn results during every phase of the procedure, with smart testing.


Pay Per Click Advertising (Google, Facebook, Instagram etc.)
Data Analysis (Google Analytics)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Shopping Ads
Conversion Rate Optimization
YouTube Ads

Display & Native Ads
Email Newsletter
Chat Bots
Affiliate Marketing
Advanced Reporting (Google data studio)