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LATEST NEWS / 05 - 07 - 2024
Wizard Agency: sole Greek agency at Global Search Awards 2024
Wizard Performance Based Advertising Agency has proudly secured its place as a finalist in the highly esteemed Global Search Awards 2024, specifically in the category of "Best Use of Data (PPC)". This achievement marks a significant milestone for Wizard, as we stand out as the sole Greek digital agency among a very competitive field.
Wizard Agency: sole Greek agency at Global Search Awards 2024

The Journey to Excellence

Our journey to the Global Search Awards final stage began with a commitment to innovation and excellence in digital marketing. At Wizard, we approached our partnership with Lapin House with a pioneering spirit, implementing the groundbreaking Lifetime Value Methodology. This involved leveraging RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) analysis to segment audiences based on critical metrics such as Revenue per Customer and Purchase Frequency.

Through meticulous RFM Score Mapping, we tailored our strategies to maximize Customer Lifetime Value, achieving outstanding results for Lapin House. Our efforts resulted in a remarkable 79% increase in CLV, accompanied by a substantial 21% boost in revenue, all while optimizing spending with a 40% reduction in Paid Ads expenditure. This approach not only demonstrated our proficiency in data-driven marketing but also underscored our capability to deliver tangible business outcomes.

Under the pioneering approach of the Lifetime Value Methodology, our agency embarked on a transformative journey with a renowned brand, leveraging strategic insights and innovative methodologies to achieve remarkable results. Here’s an in-depth look into our methodology and its impact:


Our primary objectives under the Lifetime Value Methodology were ambitious yet achievable:

  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by 50% year-over-year.
  • Improve Retention Rate by 20% year-over-year.
  • Maintain revenue levels while reducing Paid Ads Spending by 40%.

Methodology Overview

The core of our strategy revolved around RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) analysis, utilizing comprehensive data spanning the previous four years. By categorizing customers based on Revenue per Customer and Purchase Frequency, we created a detailed RFM Score Mapping to optimize our approach.


RFM Group Segmentation:

  • Lovers: Customers with a high Revenue per Customer and frequent purchases.
  • Ex Lovers: Former loyal customers who have decreased their purchasing frequency.
  • About to Dump You VIP: High-value customers showing signs of potential decline in activity.
  • New Passion: Customers who have recently made a significant second purchase.
  • About to Dump You: Customers who have been relatively inactive, with their last purchase six months ago.

Campaign Execution

Armed with detailed insights from RFM analysis, we developed tailored campaigns. These campaigns included personalized ad copy, banners and videos deployed across Meta and Google Ads platforms. Additionally, we implemented Loyalty Coupons and Email Marketing initiatives to further engage our segmented audience.


The outcomes of our meticulously crafted strategy surpassed expectations:

  • Customer Lifetime Value: Increased by an impressive 79%.
  • Retention Rate: Enhanced by a remarkable 100%.
  • Revenue Growth: Achieved a substantial 21% increase while reducing Paid Ads Spending by 40%.

Wizard Performance Advertising Agency’s success in advancing to the final stage of the Global Search Awards 2024 in the "Best Use of Data (PPC)" category underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation in digital marketing. Our collaboration with esteemed brands like Lapin House exemplifies the transformative power of strategic data utilization.


Standing Out Amongst Giants

Being recognized as the sole Greek agency finalist at the Global Search Awards 2024 is a testament to our team's dedication and expertise. In an arena dominated by international industry leaders, Wizard has distinguished itself through a combination of strategic insight, innovative methodologies, and unwavering client commitment. Our collaboration with Lapin House exemplifies how strategic use of data can drive substantial business growth and market influence.


Our Expert Performance Team

Meet our team of performance marketing experts who spearheaded our finalist entry at the Global Search Awards 2024: 

*Dimokratis Kapsitidis - Performance Marketing Manager

*Dimitris Lemonakis - Performance Marketing Specialist

Comments from our team:
“As the countdown to the awards ceremony on September 19th in Krakow begins, we eagerly anticipate the final results. This event not only celebrates our accomplishments but also acknowledges the collective effort and ingenuity of our team members. We look forward to joining industry peers, clients and stakeholders to commemorate our journey and celebrate the transformative impact of data-driven marketing”.

As Alexandros Kokolis, CEO & Managing Director at Wizard has mentioned:
“This step makes us extremely proud and confirms one of the main values ​​of the company which is "Thirst for Learn". This means that even though our field runs at a very fast pace and new technologies and tools are being constantly discovered, changing the digital marketing landscape every day, we remain competitive and are thirsty for knowledge, constantly assimilating the developments that will help us provide competitive services to our clients”.

Final Thoughts

Wizard's recognition as a finalist at the Global Search Awards 2024 underscores our position as a trailblazer in digital marketing innovation. Our success story with Lapin House highlights the power of strategic data utilization in achieving remarkable business outcomes. 

As we eagerly await the awards ceremony in Krakow on September 19th, we reflect on the dedication and expertise of our team. This achievement would not have been possible without the steadfast support of our clients and partners. In the meanwhile, discover the rest of our Case Studies and stay tuned by following us on all social channels, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, as we continue to push the boundaries of digital marketing and celebrate our journey towards achieving excellence at the Global Search Awards 2024.

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Alexandros Kokolis
05 - 07 - 2024.
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