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LATEST NEWS / 22 - 09 - 2021
6 Awards & 4 Case Studies in the Peak Performance Marketing Awards 2021 supported By Google
We are very happy that we managed to stand out, for the 5th consecutive year, at the PEAK Performance Awards supported by Google, winning 6 awards, with 4 different case studies.


This is very important to us, because it rewards our constant effort to improve and offer better services to our clients, as our priority is to develop innovations that bring results.

Overall our awards are:

2.2 Best Performance in Travel & Tourism - SILVER AWARD

The Skiathos Palace Hotel

+17% increase in sales, compared to 2019 &  ROAS 1:53 


3.8 Best Small Budget Campaign -BRONZE AWARD

TotalEnergies - George Vagiatas

Νο #35 in Youtube Trends & 250.000 Organic Video Views


2.6 Best Performance in FMCG – ROIX & Wizard Performance Agency - BRONZE AWARD

Grocery & Butcher Shops

+140% YoY Increase in Sales & +60% Increase in ROAS


2.8 Best Performance in B2B – BRONZE AWARD

modulus SA

+36% Leads Increase &  Offline Conversions Measurement


3.10 Best Use of Video for Performance Purposes – BRONZE AWARD 

modulus SA

+40% Leads Increase & 64.9% increase in Conversions, via TrueView for Action


3.6 Best Lead Generation Campaign – BRONZE AWARD

modulus SA

+36% Leads Increase with CPA<10€


Alexandros Kokolis
22 September 2021.
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