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Wizard is an award winning and Google Premier Partner Digital / Performance Based Advertising Agency, based in Athens, Greece which is focused on building competitiveadvantage for its clients.

For over fifteen years, we’ve used our wizardry to build effective, sustainable digital marketing that generates awareness, sales leads, and outstanding conversion rates for some of Greece’s most prominent companies.

We’ve designed and built optimal strategies for Cosmote, Piraeus Bank, and OPAP amongst others.

If you’re a medium to large company looking to build a lead generation sales funnel, our research and analysis ensures accuracy and results.

Digital marketing agency

We provide end-to-end Performance Based Advertising solutions & services specializing in:

Digital marketing agency

Our Belief

In Wizard we cover the gap between the traditional and contemporary digital advertising practices.                                     

The traditional advertising companies promise increased awareness to brands that are already established and have big budgets at their disposal, without any direct connection to sales or clear targeted ROI.

On the other hand, the modern digital marketing agencies promise increased online sales, without necessarily delivering increased demand for the brand or product / service, only focusing on the existing demand and target consumer’s buying interests.

At Wizard we strongly believe that one budget should fit all your business’s advertising needs, using as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), the Return On Investment (ROI), in order to increase the sales and awareness of your brand, product or service.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to give SMEs the same chance to advertise and build a unique brand identity for their business as big brands, by combining brand awareness & increase of sales.

Imagine having the advantage of an external integrated marketing department working for your company, end-to-end from creating a solid Brand identity, all the way to your final product, your marketing strategy and sales, focusing on turning the digital customer journey into a unique customer experience.

How we accomplish this:

Being a Performance Based Advertising Agency, we have a holistic approach for the online marketing strategy development with a clear focus on a positive ROI, to ensure that you achieve:

Measurable growth of brand, product or service awareness

Countable sales results 

Digital marketing agency

Let us introduce you to Scale Up! A unique service that combines the effect of a premium advertising agency, a digital marketing agency and a 360 agency, at the same time!

Explore the new potential that our service can provide to your business and feel like a million-dollar Brand without expanding your budget.

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