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Papaki is focused on the domain name industry, providing great services and an awesome domain management tool.
In Greece, Papaki is the No 1 .GR and .EU domain registrar, which makes the company a leader in domain name services.


During 2ο quarter of 2019,  international giants competitors such as Godaddy, Namecheap, Wix, Bluehost etc launched marketing campaigns in Greek Market.


Our strategy at a glance:

We implemented the best practices for smart bidding that turn display network ads into a profitable channel.


Step 1

We collected 1st party data from client’s CRM.
It was actually data which we had the right to capitalize on marketing planning.

Step 2

We combined 1st party data with 3rd party data from Google ads’ platform and analytics, so to explore strong insights relevant to our target audiences.
We practically study the optimal signal combinations that our existing customers already use in order to proceed to purchase.

Step 3

Based on those data, we created many new audiences for our existing customers, based on their behavior and their product preferences. 

Secondly, we moved forward to creating similar audiences with the same characteristics in order to expand the audience pool. We aim at new potential customers with common elements in terms of preferences and behavior. 

Step 4

We targeted every single audience with a custom display ad plan. We started with manual bidding so as to primarily collect all the necessary conversion data.

Step 5

Upon a two week period we collected the necessary conversion data which are essential for the machine learning google algorithm and switched into smart bidding strategies 

Step 6

After 30 days, the data acquired are adequate to evaluate the smart bidding strategies implemented for the campaign’s ROI maximization. This optimization procedure is constant; while we capitalize on the data extracted from machine learning, we keep on adding target audiences.

Step 7

By implementing this specific methodology sales grow on average even up to 80% and Return on investment increases up to 200% from Google Display ads!

Step 8

By combining 1st  + 3rd party data, we get the opportunity to take full advantage of the google smart bidding strategies, by developing customized audiences. Then we showed customers ads relevant to their preferences and behaviors.


Our strategy and actions result not only in achieving a cost effective upsell with an 80% sales increase and Return on investment increases up to 200%, but attract a lot of new customers as well!

sales increase
Return on investment increases
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