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Modulus SA (Business Telecoms) is an innovative company in the next generation of telecommunications that utilizes advanced cloud technologies. The company’s goal is to create a new experience in telephone communication through internet, free of constraints that usually apply to conventional telephony. The ultimate target is to reduce the operating costs of businesses as well as their need for customized solutions to their ever-changing requirements.

Main services:

1. VoIP – Integrated phone services through Internet

2. vPBX – Iconic Internet Call Center


Given the peculiarity of cloud services in Greece, we had to somehow present the services in an educative manner, while at the same time presenting the advantages in relation to conventional telephony.

  • Addresses a small range of B2B audience (businesses & retailers).
  • There is a need to inform customers on new technologies and possibilities in comparison to the conventional call centers.
  • Greece is a competitive market with a long history in the respective market.


In order to accomplish the aforementioned targets, we used Youtube Video Ads. With YouTube being a multi-tool in terms of branding and performance (through TrueView For Action campaigns), we have managed -in combination with smart bidding strategies- to keep CPA low and increase the brand´s awareness.

What we actually did is to create a custom sequence using all the features that Youtube ads offers, in contrast to Youtube sequence default campaign (move to next step if there is imp or view or skip).

  • Step 1: Video Discovery + TrueView for Action (Product and brand consideration + Performance)
    We created and used 2 videos of 52’’ that present a detailed description of the (a CTA button is featuring in the TrueView with the phrase: 
    “More Information”)
    VoIP Phone Services –
    VPBX Iconic Call Center Services -

  • Step 2 - TrueView for Action (Remarketing for Performance)
    We created and used a corporate video of 24’’ as a reminder of the 2 aforementioned services, highlighting their low cost.
    The purpose of this campaign was to maximize the number of leads and at the same time capitalize on the viewers of this specific 24’’ corporate video, at this step.  

  • Step 3 - Bumper Ads (Remarketing for ad recall)
    We created and used on air a 6’’ bumper video.
    The purpose of this campaign was to achieve an ad recall to viewers as well as visitors and increase the number of leads.



  • Total Google Ads conversions: 1.500+
  • Total Google Ads CPA: Below 15€

Brand Awareness

  • Our Youtube strategy reached over 5.3Μ Impressions! TrueView campaigns scored a very high View Rate of 22%, a fact that highlights the videos’ success.
  • What indicates that the Brand’s awareness enhanced significantly, is that we scored an increase of 18.76% impressions at Google Ads for Search Intent in branded terms.
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