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Educational Group Omiros is a well-known vocational school in Greece for over 70 years, covering more than 85 fields of expertise. Our latest project is about the relaunch of the Cooking School Department. Two major key points were taken into consideration:

  • This sector attracts high commercial interest with over 30.000 relevant searches.
  • Group Omiros made a large investment in a special laboratory infrastructure


  • Rather competitive environment in the category with already established Brands- that were synonymous with Cooking Schools 
  • One of the most expensive keyword cost> 3€/click


Our strategy at a glance:
We capitalized on our Brand’s awareness actions to deliver sales increase for our client- Educational Group Omiros, Cooking School Department. We implementing our methodology that resulted in a fully booked academic year for Omiros Cooking School - classrooms full of students!

In this particular case study we kept a balance between search marketing and brand affinity actions to enhance the demand of the Brand. We managed to blend branding and performance for Educational Group Omiros, specifically for Omiros Cooking School.



During a brainstorming with our marketing team we decided to reach out to people’s most favorite chef in Greece, Akis Petretzikis. Our intention was to place him in charge of Cooking School Dep and at the same time become the School’s Brand ambassador.


We targeted potential customers long before they search for similar queries.

We started with a Youtube Ads plan burst, because Youtube is the most favourite platform of our audience. We created several different seasonal videos (with a special target during Spring time, right before the admission exams) targeting the time when people make the majority of their searches for educational programs. We began our campaign with a teaser video bumper ad (6’’ dur.) which you could not be skipped and that resulted in a significant high reach to our target audiences.

Our next move was to reveal Akis Petretzikis and his new role in Omiros Cooking School, by building a brand within a brand. For this reason we went on air with a new advertising spot, during summer time and prior to the registration period in September (when searches reach at a pick).

Gradually (October onwards), the searches faded out but we preserved the Brand’s echo with repeatedly bumper ads.


We targeted a wide range of audiences such as life events and in market audiences, for example, College graduates that were seeking for a career switch path or students that were considering of studying abroad. In order to reach them, we decided to combine numerous data and technical intelligence given from Google Ad platform. Worth mentioning some of these facts and features; demographics, location targeting, real time data bidding, a plethora of other signals and cross device reach. 


Our strategy helped us create large audiences with qualified & engaged prospects. This was the case of people that saw our video before they searched for similar queries and most importantly before they even knew they wanted to buy from us! With all these data in hand, we created remarketing lists in order to use them during the crucial admission period in search ads. What made this possible was the fact that our Youtube video Ads made a big buzz with 500.000 views plus 3,5 million impressions exclusively in our target audiences .


We capitalized on brand affinity by running Search Ads.

Firstly, we specifically targeted new searches such as Petretzikis, Omiros. Omiros cooking etc that were way lower at cost per click, but achieving higher conversion rate within the website.

Secondly, non-branded keywords such as Cooking IEK, Cooking School etc paid off higher in numbers, as we focused Search Ads in the already engaged audiences, that they seem to have a positive view towards the Brand, before they even start searching.


Our strategy and actions led to a 14% CTR increase, in addition to a 32% growth in the conversion rate, in non-branded keywords ΥΟΥ. Most important, the Cooking School Dep was full with young students in both premises of Omiros Group, based both in Athens and Piraeus!

CTR increase
growth in the conversion rate
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