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Altershops is a Shoes & Clothes retail chain of 8 locations and 1 online store that offers products from more than 100 brands.


The main objective was to increase profitability and maximize ROI through organic results. However, we had to overcome the following challenges to make this possible:

  • Difficulty in obtaining quality links from the Greek market as the relevant links are quite expensive due to the increasing popularity of influencers
  • Javascript Indexing
  • Server log analysis due to thousands of pages and crawl budget issues



Our strategy at a glance:
We chose to focus on optimizations that would bring in significant results at low costs. We also focused on making any optimizations as efficient as possible on the developers side for the same reason. In addition to this, we placed a large focus on content both for the blog but also for product pages, where we added features and information that our buyers are interested in based on our research. As part of our content strategy we also created 1000 videos, increasing video traffic and creating a better user experience on high value product pages.


Step 1

  • We extracted data from various sources in order to gather as large a database as possible with keywords related to the industry and categorized them according to their search intent. This allowed us to follow a different strategy for keywords where the user was close to the market and users that were still in the process of researching.
  • We designed a content strategy for our blog around this information and improved our content on product pages also. We also restructured their categories to align better with their industries keywords.
  • We paid special attention to the product pages in order to include all the necessary features that interest the buyers based on the research we did. 

Step 2

  • Having crawled the website with various crawlers, we looked for technical issues that were holding the website back. The use of developers in any SEO project is complex and quite expensive. Since the objective was to maximize ROI, we decided to not make changes that would occupy hours of the developers hours but not bring back proportional results.
  • We also placed a large emphasis on optimizing images using our detailed guide meant specifically for images in e-commerce, as we are well aware that an important part of search and market searches come from Google images.
  • The last source of organic traffic we optimized is Video. We upload over 500 product videos every season. A total of 1000 per year. In addition to increasing video traffic, this also created a better user experience on product pages.
  • One of the most crucial contributors to our success was our optimization of the websites microdata, resulting in data such as availability, price and reviews showing up on our Google results which boosted CTR significantly.

Step 3

  • We created a strategy specifically for seeking collaborations with websites in the clothing and footwear industry and evaluated these collaborations based on our specific methodology.
  • Selected collaborations based on the quality characteristics that we have established with the aim of long-term development and success of the project.

Step 4 

  • Continuous optimization of SEO Titles in order to increase traffic to seasonal keywords. Stage 4 also included training the inhouse team for any future changes that might be needed.


Our strategy and actions paid off as we achieved an increase of +50% in organic sessions, first page positions for over 25,000 keywords and earned the Gold award for Best SEO Campaign in the Peak Peformance Awards, supported by Google Hellas.

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