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TotalEnergies Case Study

Social Media Case Study TotalEnergies featuring. George Vagiatas

#No35 in Youtube Trends
TotalEnergies Metrics
+400% Increase in Branded Search Terms
TotalEnergies Metrics
Social Media Conference Speech
The Client

TotalEnergies© is a broad energy company that produces and markets energies on a global scale: oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables and electricity.

  • Active in more than 130 countries
  • TotalEnergies© ambition is to become the responsible energy major
TotalEnergies Logo
The Brief

Launch of THE NEW LUB PROJECT, which refers to the redesign of our 1L and 5L packaging.
It is a change that takes place every 20 years, so it makes it significant for them to promote it and leverage all means of communication to spread the news.

New packaging reflects TotalEnergies© vision for innovation.
On top of that, a new automotive range is launched for Quartz responding to the trend of FE (Fuel Economy) and EV / hybrid cars.

The Objectives
  • Build brand awareness to our core target audience (technicians & opinion leaders)
  • Educate the end-user (car-owner) about the benefits of our products
TotalEnergies Case Study
TotalEnergies Case Study
The Challenges
  • Target Audience hard to reach
    (small range b2b audience, technicians, auto mechanics, auto enthusiasts)
  • Not-an-easy product to market
    (industrial & consumer -but not commodity - product)
  • Educate the end-user about a complicated product in plain greek
    Small Media Budget
The Strategy

Develop an influencer marketing campaign with a target to reach a large audience by selecting an influencer/ content creator who…

  • Matches the values of TotalEnergies
  • Has a large audience and reach
  • somehow have or should create a link with the cars
  • Has the technical knowledge of the auto industry
  • Has acting & storytelling skills
  • He is able to produce quality content
Collaboration with
TotalEnergies Case Study
George Vagiatas
Τhe Concept

How far do you think you can go?


Α. Organic

  • Instagram Posts on Vagiatas Social Media
  • Branded Content YouTube Videos uploaded on Vagiatas YouTube Channel


  • Teaser Videos & Banners on Social media & Google Display Ads were used to send Traffic on YouTube Episodes
  • The 3 Episodes & Teasers were used on YouTube Ads & Social Media
  • Video Ads to target interest-based audiences & Remarketing Lists and boost views.
  • The 3 Episodes were used to create Banners for Social media & Google Display Ads sending traffic to the Landing Page of the New Lub Project.
  • Google search campaigns with branded terms to measure brand lift
  • Collaboration with premium publishers, in automotive industry to increase brand and project awareness
1st Episode No.35 on YouTube Trends
Organic Video Views in total
increase in Branded Search Terms
Peak Award Bronze
3.8 Best small Budget Campaign
Peak Award Bronze
Peak Award Bronze


Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
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