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Obrela Case Study

Peak Awards 2021 

Total Leads: 66 marketing qualified leads
42 of which were sales qualified leads
The Client

Obrela Internet Securities is an established company active in the field of cyber security. It is the no.1 cyber security company in Greece, with offices in London, UAE and Athens. As a company, it aims to transform the way organisations perceive and purchase cyber security.

Today, they provide the most advanced and comprehensive cyber risk management services and real-time early warning services.

Obrela Logo
The Objectives

Greater extroversion, to build awareness for cyber security as a service to decision makers, to increase the site traffic, while building 1st party marketing assets.

Our initial quantitative target was 5 qualified leads / month which we far exceeded with 42 qualified leads in the first quarter.

Obrela Case Study
Obrela Case Study
The Challenges

1.The managed cyber security service is aimed at a fairly niche audience that is difficult to reach with interest based ads.

2. The competition in the industry is massive from already established players such as IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Adarma,, etc.

3. Also the targeted keywords have a lot of competition and very high costs in markets such as the UK & the UAE (up to 60 €)

The Strategy

Social media strategy 

Here the goal was to activate Obrela's LinkedIn profile and to do PR actions with the aim of distributing content to Linkedin Groups where there is the high end targeting audience (CEOs, C Levels, Owners, Marketing Directors etc).


Performance Media Strategy

Our idea was to create a funnel with the aim of creating assets (email list, audiences, communities, etc.).

Utilising Garnter’s recognition of Obrela Security Industries as managed security services provider, the goal was to reach our target group mainly through Linkedin but also through Google to encourage them to download the Guide by giving us their email.


Our SEO strategy focused on the following key points:

  • On-Page optimization & technical elements optimization on the website
  • Acquisition of a steady stream of backlinks
  • Constant production and publication of informative content based on in depth keyword research
Obrela Case Study

Social Media

Optimisation of the company Linkedin Page and the Marketing Director's profile as spokesperson.

A study and research was done for relevant LinkedIn groups where there was active participation and reposting of the content in them (articles, white papers etc).

A post calendar was set up with a steady pace of publishing obrela content with whitepapers & company news.




Extensive research was initially done on Google, Linkedin & FB to find volumes / seasonality for the audiences / target keywords.

We categorised Google Search Campaigns into service related clusters that targeted UK, UAE, DE & GR.

Separate campaigns by country and per keyword cluster, with emphasis on the UK which was our main market / target.
Plus 1 Branded Search Terms Global campaign.

Display Campaign only for the UK that targets 2 key audiences. 1) Custom intent audiences based on keywords and visitors of competing sites & 2) similar audiences based on segmented audiences by Google Analytics (LinkedIn source, avg. Time on page etc.)

ΥouTube Video Campaign only for the UK that targets a new audience with the same criteria mentioned in Display excluding visitors.

On LinkedIn we initially used Obrela's post for the Gartner Market Guide as a hook in an engagement campaign aimed at UK professionals based on job title as well as members of related LinkedIn groups related to cyber security information.
Then a conversion campaign was created with service related banners aimed at remarketing audiences.
A dedicated campaign was created for the maritime industry in Greece and the UK where we showed dedicated messages for the vertical.
Part of the strategy was to promote the site's posts for engagement.

As Facebook was not our main promotion channel we created a traffic campaign targeted based on Job Title combined with interests in the UK.

At the same time, we ran a retargeting campaign with traffic objective to all visitors excluding the leads from the forms on the website, showing generic corporate messages for Obrela.

Email Funnel

The users who filled in some of the forms on the site, in addition to receiving the market guide, entered an email funnel automation. The content of these 5 emails concerned data about the company and its services with the aim of maximising the actual conversion rate.

Total Leads: 66 marketing qualified leads 42 of which were sales qualified leads
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