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Modulus S.A Case Study



+27% YoY Website/FB Forms for 2022 H1 VS 2021
Modulus S.A Metrics
Cost per Website/FB Form €15 < €20
Modulus S.A Metrics
The Client

Modulus SA (Business Telecoms) is an innovative company in the next generation of telecommunications that utilizes advanced cloud technologies. The company’s goal is to create a new experience in telephone communication through the internet, free of constraints that usually apply to conventional telephony. The ultimate target is to reduce the operating costs of businesses as well as their need for customized solutions to their ever-changing requirements.

Main services:

1. VoIP – Integrated phone services through the Internet

2. vPBX – Iconic Internet Call Center

3. Microsoft Teams integration with VoIP

Modulus S.A Logo
The Brief

Location: Greece

Time Period: 01/01/22 - 17/06/22 vs 01/01/21 - 17/06/21

Channels: Google ads, Facebook ads

Total Conversions/Leads: 933 (Website Forms + FB Lead Forms) H1 ‘22 vs 734 (website Forms + FB Lead Forms) H1 ‘21. =  +27% ΥοΥ

Total Budget: 14,326‬€

Total CPA: <20€ and precisely €15



The Objectives

Τhe Goals:

For  Η1 ‘21 (01/01/21 - 17/06/21) they had 734 new Website Forms + FB Lead Forms.
The goal was to stay above 100 forms per month for H1 2022 also.

Cost per Website/FB Form: < 20€

Modulus S.A Case Study
Modulus S.A Case Study
The Challenges

A great challenge was to achieve the goals that were set by the company, and particularly the increase in leads, as we had to compete with the disproportionate previous season's increase due to the 2020 quarantine.


The second main challenge was to take advantage of the increased need for communication network support for startups that entered the online market in 2021.


The Challenges:

- Given the sudden increase of online business activity and their boost with government funding in 21', it was absolutely necessary to increase leads. 

- There was the need to raise awareness of new technologies regarding VoIP – Integrated phone services through the Internet, relative to conventional call centers 

- There was heavy competition in Greece.

The Strategy

To achieve the goals mentioned above we created new videos on Facebook & YouTube Ads. With Youtube being a multi-use tool for branding and performance, we managed, in combination with smart bidding strategies, to maintain the CPA low and increase brand awareness. 

On Facebook, we took advantage of high volume of cheap video views and through Lead Generation campaigns, we managed immediate lead acquisition without forcing an exit from Facebook's Platform.

The designs we used are:

2 videos of 52'' with info regarding the services

1 generic corporate Video of 24'' 

3 banner variants for every service and a generic banner with the company moto.

Modulus S.A Case Study

Google Search Ads

  • Competition Analysis and performance search campaigns with the use of Smart Bidding and Target Cpa for custom event Form Submission through GTM
  • RLSA Campaigns to users that have seen the Video through YouTube campaigns to achieve cheap CPC 
  • Dedicated Campaign for search terms related to eshop subsidies
  • Dedicated Search Campaign for search terms related to satellite communication.

Google Display Ads

  • Display Remarketing campaigns in custom lists 
  • Remarketing Cross-sell, to VoIP & vPBX visitors.
  • New Audience targeting (custom intent, similar audience of total leads)
  • Dedicated Campaigns to custom intent audiences 
  • MS Teams Display Campaigns to custom intent audiences Microsoft Products & business related.

Google YouTube Ads

  • Step 1:  Video Discovery + TrueView for Action for Product and brand consideration 
  • Step 2 - TrueView for Action for Remarketing & Performance and Google Discovery Ads
  • New Discovery ads as the source of clicks and we achieved >3.900 new clicks with a cpc under 0,15€ 

Facebook Video Views Campaign

  • Interest-based audiences with an interest in Information technology, job titles relevant to IT departments and small business owners, with over 660K  impressions & 0,01€ cost/ThruPlay
  • Facebook Lead Generation Campaign with 2 different forms integrated through Ζapier to google drive doc.
  • Dedicated banners targeting businesses containing business packages of modulus as well as support for telecommuting.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences Campaign

  • Campaigns for traffic & conversion objectives, by creating lookalike audiences from the users that submitted the form and the website visitors.
+27% YoY Website/FB Forms
933 VS 734
+27% YoY Website/FB Forms
Cost per Website/FB Form €15
< €20
Cost per Website/FB Form €15
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