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Aegean College Case Study

5 Silver & Bronze Peak Awards 2022

Leads +347,53%
Aegean College  Metrics
Total CPA -41,53%
Aegean College  Metrics
Aegean College
The Client

Aegean College has human resources of a very high level, excellent logistical infrastructure, and belongs to an educational group that has covered a long path in higher education in order to ensure the best quality of studies for its students.

The private college is here

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The Brief

The main goals were to increase Leads by 250% and decrease total CPA by -25%

The Objectives

The goals that were set for the period of 01/01/22 to 28/05/22 :

1.Leads +250%

2.Total CPA -25%

3.Conversion Rate +50%

Aegean College  Case Study
Aegean College  Case Study
The Challenges
  • A big challenge was to meet the very high goals set by the private college, and above all to have +250% increase in leads, -25% decrease in total cpa and +50% increase in conversion rate, despite the increase in spent + 208%, from Google Campaigns. 
  • An important challenge is the huge competition with successful brands in the field of private colleges. Analyzing our benchmarking in Google Analytics, we were quite behind, in relation to the industry average, in new sessions and average session duration, both in display and search.
  • One of the most difficult challenges was to analyze the 8-year data of all programs and specialties, through data mining tools, with the aim of achieving: -- Segmenting customers
    - Understanding customer lifetime value
    - and Sophisticated optimization of the campaigns.
The Strategy

The Solution we implemented was utilizing the Beta version of Performance Max and using automation & AI through the attribution model, data analysis through Data Mining and Analytics for better targeting and budget allocation. 

1. We changed the attribution model from last click to data-driven to see the campaigns' real contribution to the lead. 

2. We have created numerous campaigns utilizing automated bidding strategies.

3. We have studied and adopted various Data Mining techniques for more sophisticated optimization and prediction analysis. 

4. We implemented Enhanced Conversion and Consent Mode for better tracking. 

5. We created Facebook Lookalike Audiences Campaign from Google Ads Terms from Bsc Psychology Search campaign.


Aegean College  Case Study

We studied and adopted various Data Mining techniques. One of them utilized demographical, geographical & behavioral data of eight years given to us by the client, more specifically the following columns in csv: Customer Id, Gender, Age, Curriculum, Specialty, Academic Level, Region, City, Source of Registration , Registration Period, Registration Cost.

To be able to achieve the following Project Goals:

Segmenting customers
Understanding customer lifetime value
Sophisticated campaign performance optimization



So, through the Data Mining Tool called RapidMiner Studio, we applied the following procedure for both predictions and clusters:

1. Data Gathering & Preparation 
2. Data Modeling 
3. Data Analysis
4. Deployment

The program with the highest lifetime value among 200 BSc & MSc of the last eight years, but also the program with maximizing future income and profit, proved to be the Bachelor of Psychology. So, we set as our goal to further strengthen Psychology campaigns, plus the corporate ones.


Total CPA
Conversion Rate
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