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Social Advertising

Social advertising is advertising that relies on platforms and targeting options provided by Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn platforms, Social Ads can be communicated to a larger audience size and generate much lower cost per acquisition than search advertising and moreover, it can deliver higher quality advertisement placements than any display network but only for those who have the experience and ability to do it right.

What we can do for you:

The main challenge to Social advertising is to find a way to make it profitable while keeping advertisements fresh. This leads to a win-win scenario where both brand awareness and performance based results are generated. SEM Wizard experts can achieve both by combining audience targeted strategies like remarketing via custom audiences and social advertising data, while always consulting for the right context, depending on your audience interests and behavioral characteristics.

We use our unique data driven techniques to:

Create and execute a customized and audience targeted digital advertising strategy that includes smart targeting of users across social media platforms.

Use your ideal customers to build look- alike audiences and specifically target Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter users who are most likely to drive awareness and revenue for your business.

Consult clients to successfully prevent unqualified traffic from Social media users that can generate negative comments and high cost per acquisition figures.

Some of Our Achievements

Saving 65% cost
(more than 700k year to date)

Quadrupling company’s revenue
across 50 markets

Reduce Cost Per Sale by


Company Certifications

Years of Experience
+ Accounts Managed
% CPA reduction
% Satisfied Customers

About Company

Our key focus at SEM Wizard is to generate truly valuable leads for your business. We work on each individual case and go beyond just driving traffic to your site. Our promise is to deliver on all goals set and grow your business!

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