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Google Adwords

SEM Wizard is a Google AdWords Certified Partner with a proven track record and massive experience in helping hundreds of companies to reduce the cost per conversion and provide savings of up to 50%. We have being running PPC for clients since 2006, managing budgets of billions of euros across a wide variety of sectors for clients of all sizes - both B2C and B2B.

What we can do for you:

Our detailed research through technical audits and competition activity, leads to the optimum choice of keywords per Ad Group, while at the same time we use all the necessary new features of AdWords and resolve all tracking issues related to AdWords and Analytics including PPC conversion tracking, event tracking, goals and funnels.

There are some things you can expect any agency to do and there are other things that only experienced and data driven experts can accomplish for you.

Some of Our Achievements

Saving 65% cost
(more than 700k year to date)

Quadrupling company’s revenue
across 50 markets

Reduce Cost Per Sale by


Company Certifications

Years of Experience
+ Accounts Managed
% CPA reduction
% Satisfied Customers

About Company

Our key focus at SEM Wizard is to generate truly valuable leads for your business. We work on each individual case and go beyond just driving traffic to your site. Our promise is to deliver on all goals set and grow your business!

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